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Rooted in legacy. Building for the future.

Tuffli Company is a real estate investment company with uniquely focused capabilities, specializing in Industrial Acquisitions, Build-to-Suit Projects, and Land Development. Our growing portfolio of properties spans the United States with over 150 buildings exceeding four million square feet, located in more than 100 cities across 26 states. We continue to search for growth opportunities and are always willing to review properties that fit our ACQUISITION CRITERIA.

Our main focus is, and always has been, acquiring single tenant, net leased industrial properties using cash already in hand.. Our target buy is between $2M and $10M, and ranges in size from 5k to 200k sq ft buildings. Our preferred building types include: manufacturing, warehousing, service centers, laydown yards, rail served, logistics, distribution, cross-dock, and more.  Because Tuffli is privately held and run by a small group of core executives, and because we don’t deal with debt financing or outside investors, we quickly analyze and close deals in a matter of weeks, not months. We are in constant acquisition mode.

A significant portion of Tuffli Company’s portfolio is created by partnering with tenants who are trying to break into new markets. Tuffli Company’s development expertise allows us to consistently expand our footprint across the country, while our simplified underwriting, zero financing and aggressive cap rate thresholds have allowed us to cultivate strong partnerships with our tenants who seek us out for additional growth of their own.

Tuffli Company’s nearly 5 decades of experience showing patience and foresight, coupled with our cash basis and long-term corporate planning allows us entry into most emerging markets. We strategically acquire  large tracts of land at a low-cost basis for land banking and/or industrial development.

Advantages Of Working With Tuffli


With nearly 5 decades specializing in single-tenant industrial properties, Tuffli Company is an industry leader. Our impressive track record of successes navigating the municipal, environmental, zoning, operational, and logistical complexities of industrial real estate, separates us from the inexperienced buyers entering the space because of its recent surge in popularity. At Tuffli, we’re not newcomers. We’re not followers. We’re trailblazers leading the way today as we have been for the last 45 years.


At Tuffli Company, we don’t specialize in any one geographic location, instead we focus on finding good deals wherever that may take us. Our already broad national reach continues to expand with assets in place ready for immediate action. Our preferred niche is finding value in secondary and tertiary markets, moving quickly so that everybody wins. Our criteria for finding the deals that fit are simple so no time is wasted.


It’s crucial to be nimble in an environment that requires quick decisions and even quicker reactions. In order to be that agile, Tuffli Company’s model ensures we work on cash basis so we don’t have to deal with investors or any outside financial institutions. So when it comes to close there are no extra approvals, no additional financial partners, which means we focus on solutions to get deals done. At Tuffli Company, we ARE the partner.


At Tuffli Company, you’re always in front of the “right person”. We are privately held and run by a team of 3 executives with extensive industrial experience.  Every transaction requires the signoff of just the President.  We can expedite every step of the process with simple, straightforward reviews, void of any unnecessary and time-consuming bureaucracy. Our experience tells us where to be, our cash basis allows us to move quickly, and our single point of approval means we always close on time and keep our commitments.

Assets (and counting)
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Years of Success

Tuffli is a no nonsense, results driven investor. Their team approach is very efficient and quick to respond to the typical issues one would encounter in a transaction. They know what they want and go after it. 

I have been fortunate to work with the Tuffli Company since 1989 when they started their first industrial development in the Houston area. Since then, we have worked on over fifty transactions including land developments, land sales, build-to-suits, building acquisitions, and numerous leases. The Tuffli Company is one of my favorite clients, easy to do business with, quick to make decisions, always fair in negotiations, extremely reasonable and trustworthy. 

I have worked with Tuffli Company for over 30 years. They are a sophisticated, all cash buyer, who self funds, protects my flank and can move at warp speed … Truly, they are a brokers’ dream when it comes to real estate acquisition. 


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