Tuffli is a no nonsense, results driven investor. Their team approach is very efficient and quick to respond to the typical issues one would encounter in a transaction. They know what they want and go after it.

Craig DeMiranda, Lee & Associates, Orange County, CA

I have been fortunate to work with the Tuffli Company since 1989 when they started their first industrial development in the Houston area. Since then, we have worked on over fifty transactions including land developments, land sales, build-to-suits, building acquisitions, and numerous leases. The Tuffli Company is one of my favorite clients, easy to do business with, quick to make decisions, always fair in negotiations, extremely reasonable and trustworthy.

Kelley Parker, Cushman & Wakefield, Houston, TX

Scott Voelkel and I have been privileged to work with Tuffli Company since 2007 on 8 transactions. We consider Tuffli Company to be our best client overall and they have a high closing percentage on deals. The Tuffli Company has highly experienced Principals who understand Commercial Real Estate as few others do.

Gordon Foster, Foster & Co., Dallas, TX

I have worked with Tuffli Company for over 30 years. They are a sophisticated, all cash buyer, who self funds, protects my flank and can move at warp speed … Truly, they are a brokers’ dream when it comes to real estate acquisition.

Lewis Latimer, L2 Companies, Los Angeles, CA